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When it comes to finding quality tradesmen there is no better place to look in the UK than Junkers Approved Contractors. This is an incredible resource for anybody who is looking to get a little work done on his or her home. The Junkers Approved Contractor website features various tradesmen and highlights reviews and testimonials for their work. It is a great way to find honest feedback about the customer service, craftsmanship and overall experience with UK tradespeople.

Junkers Approved Contractors Member Since 2012

At GJP Floor Sanding London, we understand the importance of providing customers a safe and transparent place to leave honest reviews and testimonials. We realize that it is an additional measure to hold us accountable for our high quality standards and superior customer service.

As such, we are very proud to be a member of Junkers Approved Contractors. We first registered in 2012 and it has been a very rewarding experience thus far. Our customers have had the opportunity to share their stories and opinions about our craftsmanship and their overall floor restoration experience.

Wide Variety of Projects

brighton-recommended-floor-sandersOne of the positive aspects of the Junkers Approved Contractors service is it allows you to easily discover the range of services that we as a floor sanding company are highly skilled at performing. If you have a job that needs to be completed but aren’t sure if we are up to the task, you can review our profile and see exactly the type of work we do.

As an added bonus, you will most likely be able to find someone who had a similar job and read the review they left. This will give you a better understanding of what to expect from GJP Floor Sanding London and will undoubtedly help you make a hiring decision.

Walks the Walk

The beautiful thing about a transparent and honest site such as Junkers Approved Contractors is it weeds out the contractors that are excellent at talking a big game but fall short when it comes time to deliver.

Due to the high volume of real customer reviews, you will easily get a sense of which contractors can actually deliver on their promises. You no longer need to worry about hiring a company that talks a good game but will be nothing but headaches. You can trust the people before you that felt compelled to leave a review due to the quality of work that was received.

We know that you will be pleasantly surprised to see the large number of astoundingly positive reviews that GJP Floor Sanding London has received. It is no surprise since we focus our energy on delivering high quality work and friendly customer service.

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